Victor Bell

From Secrets with men to romance with him

When the Christian Broadcast Network told Victor Bell’s transformative story on the 700 Club and broadcasted it to millions of people in 138 countries. It became one of the most powerful transformative stories in the history of the 700 Club. It also reaffirmed what Christians have always known. That homosexuality is a choice, and no one is born gay. Victor Bell’s story is so powerful that Hollywood came calling, not to tell Victor’s story but to tell a story that promulgates lies and promotes disinformation and confusion.

Victor’s powerful conversion by the power of God the Father, God the Son, and God The Holy Spirit is a message that cannot be tainted by Satan or those who are working for him. We cannot trust those who would have Victor’s powerful conversion tainted. We want to tell Victor Bell’s story with the fullness of God’s love and his transformative power in Victor’s life.  The reason we are asking for you, our brothers and sisters in Christ to help make this movie a reality by funding it.  Is quite simple, Hollywood came to us wanting to change the narrative of Victor’s story. They wanted Victor to portray that his change was temporary and in the end revert back to a life as a gay man. 

God and Christian fundamental values have been under attack like never before. While everything is being pushed on us by those who oppose God and his moral code.  We are seeking the help of the saints like never before.  The message that God is able to heal and change a person’s life spiritually from the inside out is a message hundreds of millions need to hear in order to combat the lies perpetrated by satan and those pushing his lies about homosexuality,

We are seeking your help in telling Victor’s story all over the world,  his life and conversion is a message that is powerful and will hold up the power and love of Jesus Christ who has extended it to all men in every spiritual condition imaginable.  Today, Victor who is married to his beautiful wife of almost 10 years,  they have 2 beautiful children. This stands as a powerful testimony and offers hope, support, and God’s love to those who are struggling with homosexuality and lesbianism. 

We are seeking 5 million dollars to hire staff and produce the movie, this will include a unique distribution platform that has no limitation on bandwidth, this means that we can show the movie to hundreds of millions of people all over the world.  This movie is a powerful testimony of the love of Jesus Christ and his unlimited power to heal and redeem his children. We want to show the movie by the end of 2022.  In order to accomplish this, we would need to raise the funds as soon as possible. This platform allows us to raise money and tell the truth through the eyes of a man who was blind and now he sees. Victor Bell sought love in all the wrong places and found love, real love from the one who invented love, Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ love and redemptive power are the catalysts of this inspiring life-changing event in Victor’s life. With your help and support, we will be able to tell the story truthfully without anyone changing or demanding we change the truth.

We are extremely grateful for your help and support, all of you will be awarded spiritual blessings in addition to what we have for you.  It is immeasurable what effect this movie will have on the world as we know it.  Your support and funding will cover every aspect of the movie from casting to filming and from filming to editing and all the marketing and production cost in between.  We are grateful that we can come together as a community and raise funds to show how Victor’s life was affected by Jesus Christ to let others know that there’s hope for those who find them.  

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